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After 20 years’ experience at ADEME as a thermal engineer, Bruno CHRETIEN launched his own company in 2011 to expand his expertise internationally: EXENCI, which stands for Expertise en Energie, Conseil International (Energy Expertise, International Consulting). Project after project, EXENCI has upskilled, diversifying its activities according to the skills and interests of its staff. The consultancy company deploys its knowledge and expertise with players of all sizes, from international organisations to service companies, local authorities and industries.

EXENCI has carried out 35 projects in 15 countries and 4 French local authorities.


EXENCI is committed to offering services that meet the requirements of its customers and the aspirations of its employees.

Energy efficiency & decarbonisation

Optimise your energy consumption for fast, cost-effective results. As experts in energy efficiency, we can help you meet the economic, environmental and security challenges associated with energy.

With 30 years’ experience on the ground working with a wide range of private and public organisations, EXENCI has built up proven expertise over the last 10 years. We have in-depth technical knowledge of equipement, processes and energy use in territories, buildings and industries. 

We also carry out carbon audit.

By respecting the principles of energy sobriety, we can help you develop your energy performance and emissions reduction strategy. We assist you in implementing tangible energy efficiency and decarbonisation measures that will save you money on your energy bills.

We recommand equipment and practices tailored to your specific needs. Control your carbon footprint with energy efficiency solutions in France and abroad.

Renewable energies

Shape the future of energy through optimised management of consumption and the adoption of alternative energy sources.

By following the principles of energy sobriety, our primary objective is to reduce energy needs and minimise losses through efficient equipment and practices. In line with this approach, we propose sustainable energy production solutions, favouring local sources wherever possible.

Relying on our in-depth expertise in equipment, as well as in the obstacles and challenges associated with its use, we develop solutions adapted to the resources available such as wood energy, solar, photovoltaic, wind, heat, geothermal, biogas or marine energies. We assess the potential of each energy source, taking into account recovery and storage opportunities. We also offer training and capacity building to develop the skills of public and private organisations.

Training engineering

Become enlightened players in the energy and ecological transition.

Our assistance service includes the transmission of high-level knowledge and skills, tailored to your needs:

  • For the general public: a comprehensive understanding of energy issues and a technical basis to understand energy systems.


  • For energy professionals (design offices, craftspeople, corporate energy managers): in-depth technical expertise in equipment, thermal engineering, efficient use of systems, maintenance, regulation, energy audits and energy management. Specialised study trips can be organised with partners.


  • For elected representatives and public energy services managers: a detailed understanding of the energy potential and constraints specific to each area, tried and tested solutions in similar contexts, as well as a technical basis on energy systems.


  • For companies: an understanding of the challenges and benefits of energy efficiency, as well as its integration with other environmental aspects such as territorial and industrial ecology, CSR, the circular economy and functionality.

Do you need a technical or a strategic vision ?

We design and deliver interactive training courses tailored to your sector.



Customised trainings

The format of our courses varies according to your needs and the target audience. We offer attractive teaching programs and tools for assessing the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Training courses can be delivered on-site or remotely, using appropriate teaching tools.



And if you need digitised trainings…

…it’s possible! We work with partners specialised in e-learning, and together we can make our courses accessible to as many people as possible!

Workshop facilitation

Boost the energy future of your community or company by offering workshops to your employees.

As part of our projects, we regularly organise dynamic workshops:

  • Striking awareness-raising sessions
  • Stimulating ideation sessions, in particular to develop action plans and forward-looking visions
  • Workshops for co-constructing territorial strategies

Our workshops are fully customised to meet your specific needs. We prepare attractive learning materials to effectively engage participants, whether they are physically or virtually present.  We use a wide range of tried-and-tested tools to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote informed decision-making: serious games, brainstorming, and much more!

We regularly facilitate Climate Fresks, Digital Collage and “2tonne” World workshops.

Make the most of collective intelligence and effectively mobilise your teams, business leaders, elected representatives and citizens!





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