Who are we?

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Beyond our professional requirements, we individually adhere to the values of sobriety, responsible ecology, justice and equity. These values are reflected every day in EXENCI’s actions. Like the hummingbird in the fable, we intend to play our part in the ecological and social transition.


With 30 years of professional experience in the field of energy efficiency, EXENCI bases its expertise on numerous projects carried out in situ.


There is no project without stakeholders. We pay attention to everyone’s concerns and seek to create lasting relationships.


The company adapts to its partners, projects and employees to offer relevant and innovative solutions.


 We want to train our staff and partners in a pedagogical way to ensure sustainability to our actions.

Bruno Chrétien

Managing Director Founder

What do you do at EXENCI?

I am the President and Founder, and technical expert. I am also a globetrotter and explorer of new human and professional horizons. As a thermal engineer, I specialised early on energy performance of industrial systems. During the 20 years I worked at  ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition in charge of various technical and strategical missions. The desire to discover, to meet new people and to be in control of my choices led me to create EXENCI over ten years ago.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like above all creating, strengthening friendships and contemplating the wonders of nature.

What topics are you particularly interested in?

I’m interested in all subjects! Perhaps that’s the problem, my colleagues would say… But I am never more at ease than when I am out in the field, in touch with the real world and in direct contact with people.

A reading, podcast or film recommendation (related to the ecological/energy transition)

One of the readings that touched me the most was TC McLuhan’s collection of interviews and photos “Touch the Earth” where we discover that certain peoples had understood a long time ago that we must be guardians of the Earth and not exploiters. The encyclical “Laudato Si” of Pope Francis on climate change and the environment has also impacted the way I consider my life and my work.

Lucie Magot

Senior Consultant

What do you do at EXENCI?

For the past seven years, I have been able to learn about energy efficiency issues and develop my missions. Today, I enjoy working on a wide range of assignments: supporting national and international territories on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, creating and delivering technical training courses, and producing deliverables on technical projects specific to certain sectors, such as industry. I’m on all fronts! 

What do you do in your spare time?

I love bathing in music (singing, guitar) and dancing (swing and Latin dances). Sleeping too. But that’s a luxury when you’re a mother of a little baby! 

 A reading, podcast or film recommendation (related to the ecological/energy transition)

I have three recommendations that come to mind:

  • The videos of the “Réveilleur” which are a gold mine to learn about technical topics in a simple and neutral way.
  • The videos of “Partage C’est Sympa” which makes investigative videos on social issues.
  • Videos of the Defakator. They are not directly related to the ecological transition but they allow us to develop our ability to reason and to verify the sources of the information we are offered. I think this critical thinking approach is necessary to lead an enlightened ecological transition.

Hélène Jouppe


What do you do at EXENCI?

As a consultant, I like to be able to deal with everything and quickly develop my skills, which is something we can do at EXENCI thanks to the small size of the company. I’m in charge of project management, technical report production, GIS, data analysis, workshop facilitation, communication, and commercial development among other things.

What do you do in your spare time?

Enjoy my family and friends! With a good meal and something to drink, it’s all the better. I’m a bon vivant, and it’s hard for me to say no!

What topics are you particularly interested in?

Lots! That’s the interesting thing about ecological transition: you’re never done learning. But if I had to choose: Territorial resilience and Low-Tech!

A reading, podcast or film recommendation (related to the ecological/energy transition)

Seuil’s Anthropocene collection, and in particular the books “Comment tout peut s’effondrer” by Pablo Servigne, and “L’âge des Low-Tech” by Philippe Bihouix, which marked a real turning point in my ecological awareness.

 The work of the Shift Project (publications, podcasts etc.) and Jean-Marc Jancovici.

The Super Green Me podcast, which shows all the contradictions and questions that arise when we become aware of the urgency of the situation.

Clémence Ostermeyer


What do you do at EXENCI?

I was looking for a job in international cooperation in a field involved in the ecological transition in Angers and I discovered EXENCI by word of mouth. Meeting the team was decisive!

Now, I help territories to develop their energy efficiency strategy and to increase their technical skills on related subjects. I am in charge of international project management and communication for the company.

 What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy discovering new artistic fields and cooking for my friends. I am also fascinated by the Middle East, where I lived for two years and I want to practice more my Syrian-Lebanese Arabic.

What topics are you particularly interested in?

I am fond of projects with international partners on energy efficiency issues. Different contexts and behaviours force us to constantly adapt our approach, challenge our vision and suggest appropriate solutions.

A reading, podcast or film recommendation (related to the ecological/energy transition)

I read with great interest the articles in the Bon Pote media: their in-depth articles and their synthesis with striking graphics enrich my thinking on the challenges of the ecological transition!

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